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Dear Potential Sponsor:

My name is Salvador Stewart and I am writing you on behalf of my son, who is a basketball and baseball player for local travel teams based in Miami. We are busily preparing for our spring baseball and basketball season and looking for sponsors to pledge their support. We will be traveling to many tournaments this year against the best competition in the country. Although all parents pay a participation fee, each player is asked to find sponsors for our team from friends and people our families do business with. I would like to ask you to join us as a sponsor.

Each year, Sal participates in various tournaments throughout the country including games in Arizona, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia, as well as in the highly anticipated ESPN World Series in Orlando. Sal’s path to the World Series will require extensive travel to local, state and regional tournaments. Our league does not pay for travel and hotel expenses. The families of the players must cover those costs. Our efforts are extensive and, unfortunately, expensive. We will need the help of our community if we are to achieve our fundraising goal for this season. Given Sal’s ambitious schedule and goals, he cannot be successful without your help and financial support.  Your support will open many new opportunities for him as well as help him develop the mechanics necessary to enhance his baseball skills. Your contribution would also enable him to participate in highly distinguished tournaments. These events will broaden his discipline and character, on and off the field, which is invaluable to his future endeavors. Your sponsorship will also provide for the purchase of uniforms, insurance, baseball gear, travel expenses and tournament registration fees.

If you pledge to sponsor our son, he will make a pledge to you in return. Every game he plays, win or lose, will give you a reason to be proud that you have sponsored Sal Stewart. He exemplifies hard work, good sportsmanship, and respect for others. A donation at this time would allow you or your business to take a deduction for the tax year.  We hope you can help us with your contribution.

With sincere appreciation,

Salvador Stewart


To make a contribution, please send an e-mail to